QNAP NAS- How to Automatically Delete Files


QNAP’s QTS operating system shines in many areas, but there’s one feature that stands out as a glaring omission- there’s no easy way to automatically delete files by scheduling automated clean-up tasks. Since I use my QNAP NAS as a backup server, I do a lot of automatic transfers from my home server to my NAS. While this works great, after a while the video footage from my camera system fills up the storage space.

It’s a pain to constantly stay aware of the storage space remaining on my NAS. Sometimes I catch the red LED on the front panel of the NAS, sometimes I don’t find out until I log in through the web interface. I needed a more reliable way to stay on top of this since my life is a bit hectic at the moment. Read More

QNAP NAS- How to Enable On-the-Fly Transcoding for User Accounts


A common complaint amongst QNAP NAS users is they can’t use on-the-fly transcoding from a user account. It makes no sense to have transcoding restricted to the built-in admin account, but that’s the default setting (at least for the TS-651 Turbo NAS running firmware

On-the-fly transcoding allows for converting and streaming video simultaneously. This helps to save time since a user doesn’t have to wait for the file to be converted before they can stream it. The TS-651 is capable of hardware accelerated transcoding, and the Intel Celeron J1800 CPU is decent enough to get the job done. Read More

How to Create Your Own Neat Cloud


If you own a Neat scanner , you probably realize how good the hardware is. Unfortunately, Neat’s software leaves a lot to be desired. Their shift to the cloud in the past couple of years has left desktop users frustrated, since their PC software is now dead. Their big push is for users to have their data synced to the cloud, and it’s then available on all devices. One of the biggest disadvantages here is that Neat’s cloud software also sucks, and it’s almost impossible to get in touch with someone on the phone or via chat if you encounter any problems with your data not syncing. While it’s nice being able to use the scanner with multiple PCs, I have virtually no use for a mobile app. What’s more is how ridiculous the Neat cloud pricing for consumers is. Frankly, it’s just too expensive to justify the convenience. Their cheapest plans start at $80 per year. Read More

QNAP NAS- How to Fix Snapshot Problem

qnap nas snapshot


I recently had a problem with my QNAP TS-651 NAS where there seemed to be a “ghost” snapshot. The system alarmed at the NAS , so I went to the web interface to find out I was getting a threshold reached warning on my data volume. After sifting through Storage Manager, it became obvious that it was being caused by snapshots. The only problem was, Snapshot Manager wasn’t showing any snapshots at all!

My first attempt to clear up space on the volume was deleting some old security camera recordings, but then the rogue snapshot grew to take up that space too. I have my snapshots set to 10% reserved space. When that fills up, it should delete the old one. I think the problem with my set up is that it will never reach the 10% allocation without alarming, because my data volume is thin-provisioned and takes up 90% space. The was poor planning on my part, but it has nothing to do with the actual problem of a snapshot not showing up in Snapshot Manager. Read More