Why Choose Dahua?


Dahua might not be the first name you think of when you think security cameras, but in my testing I have found them to be perfectly acceptable cameras for what I need them for- home security. They typically run a little cheaper than Hikvision cameras (which is the world’s largest supplier of video surveillance products), but they really are good cameras. They offer a vast array of high quality cameras, particularly power-over-Ethernet network cameras (both wired and wireless). Mine have been in operation since 2014. I haven’t had any problems out of any of them (I own 3 IPC-HDW4300C POE cameras, 1 IPC-HDBW1200E wireless POE camera, and 1 SD59230S-HN DC-powered high speed pan/tilt/zoom camera). These are very reliable devices.

Every Dahua camera I own outputs stunning HD quality video, and I run mine at 2 megapixels for bandwidth purposes (they are capable of outputting at 3MP!). The night-vision is outstanding too. They perform well in most, if not all, lighting conditions. All of mine have built-in microphones for recording audio, but if this is something you need then you definitely want to check the specs on the actual product before you buy it.





Dahua cameras are good-looking, well-made, feature-rich cameras. The company has a broad selection of camera styles too. From innocuous stationary turret cameras to the larger high speed dome cameras, Dahua has you covered. Additionally, the same model is usually available in different lens sizes (narrow angle vs wide angle for field of view). This gives the consumer a lot of flexibility deciding what type of camera they need based on the area they want to monitor.

I use 3 different types of Dahua cameras, which are covered in more detail in individual articles:

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