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Lutron Casèta’s Smart Bridge v2 works well with Siri out-of-the-box, and has been integrated into Amazon’s Alexa . With Google’s push to get Google Assistant up and running on more Android devices (those smartphones running Marshmallow and Nougat), it looks like Lutron has finally added support for their Casèta line of home automation products! This gives Android users a direct link to the Lutron Smart Bridge without having to go through a 3rd party like a Samsung SmartThings or an Amazon Alexa to voice-control lights. This should help consumers that want to voice-activate their lights alleviate some of the extra cost for an otherwise expensive line of products. Google Assistant doesn’t stop at just lighting, it also works with Serena shades. This makes Lutron Casèta home automation so much more useful. One downside to Google Assistant is that it doesn’t support scenes at the moment, so you’ll still need to use workarounds for that.

Update 8/1/17. Scenes are now supported in Google Assistant!. You will have to de-authorize Lutron in the “Home control” section of Google Assistant settings. When you reauthorize it, you will be able to choose any of your scenes and add them to Google Assistant!

Set Up Lutron Casèta in Google Assistant

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Next scroll down to Google settings.

Scroll down to Search.

Tap on Settings.

Next tap on Home Control.

Tap the + button.

Scroll down to Lutron Casèta Wireless and tap on it.

You’ll have to sign in using your Lutron credentials, the same one you use for your Lutron hub.

Tap Authorize.

You’ll see your list of devices. Tap each one to assign it to a room, then tap Done when you’re finished. You can always do this later if you wish.

You’ll see a screen letting you know the types of commands you can use. Tap Got It.

When you go back to your list of devices, you’ll now see your Lutron devices!



Direct control of Lutron Casèta lights through Google Assistant is a welcome addition to the functionality of the Casèta system. I’ve been extremely impressed with Google Assistant’s ability to understand and to react to commands. For instance, Amazon Alexa doesn’t understand the difference between “light” and “lights”, but Google Assistant does! If you ever needed a reason to look at Lutron’s Casèta line of home automation, now is the time!

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