QNAP NAS- How to Enable On-the-Fly Transcoding for User Accounts




A common complaint amongst QNAP NAS users is they can’t use on-the-fly transcoding from a user account. It makes no sense to have transcoding restricted to the built-in admin account, but that’s the default setting (at least for the TS-651 Turbo NAS running firmware

On-the-fly transcoding allows for converting and streaming video simultaneously. This helps to save time since a user doesn’t have to wait for the file to be converted before they can stream it. The TS-651 is capable of hardware accelerated transcoding, and the Intel Celeron J1800 CPU is decent enough to get the job done.

The settings for on-the-fly transcoding permissions aren’t found in Control Panel, which I think confuses a lot of users. Instead they are hidden away inside the settings for Video Station.


The Solution


Simply follow the steps in the slideshow below to change a user’s permissions for on-the-fly transcoding:

Slideshow- Tap or click to view

First open Video Station. Click the three dots in the top bar and select Settings.

Click on the Privilege tab.

Notice- the default settings only allow the built-in admin user to access on-the-fly transcoding.

Ensure you log in to the NAS using the same user account.

You now have the ability to use on-the-fly transcoding!



Although QNAP does a great job building functionality into their NAS products, sometimes the settings can be a little spread out. This can make it difficult to find certain settings, event though they are hiding in plain sight.

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