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The Linear GoControl GD00Z-4 controller can turn almost any existing garage door opener into a smart home appliance. It’s a Z-wave compatible device that works great with SmartThings, giving you remote control over your garage door. You can even create an “I’m Back!” routine to automatically open your garage door when you pull up in your driveway.

It features a remote battery-powered tilt sensor that you stick on your garage door (you can screw it into your door or use the included double-sided tape). The sensor is small and extremely light- mine is simply taped on using Command Strips  and I haven’t had any problems with it falling off since installing it in April of 2016.

For a Z-wave device, it has a decent 100 ft. range. If your hub is farther away than that, or you have too many walls between the controller and your hub, you will need to use repeaters to relay the signal. Mine works fine at a distance of roughly 40 ft. with a few walls in-between. The GD00Z-4 also acts as a Z-wave repeater, which is nice. The repeater function gives you a range of 130 ft. for any extra devices you may use.

There’s a built-in safety feature to let you know whenever the garage door is being remotely operated. You’ll hear a distinct beeper sound and the opener will flash an LED light for 5 seconds. This a warning to get clear of the door. The sound is loud enough to alert you of the impending operation, but not so loud that it’s annoying. Here’s a short video here showing the warning beeper. I can faintly hear it in my living room when the garage door operates. Using your wired, in-wall garage door button or the remote that came with your garage door opener will not cause the safety feature to go off. If you have small children they should be taught what the sound means, or simply keep them away from the door.

Another feature prevents “bouncing” the garage door by allowing only a single operation in a 30 second period. This is to prevent damage to your garage door opener.

The Linear GoControl garage door opener requires 120 VAC power input. I have a ceiling outlet that my garage door opener plugs into. If your garage door opener is directly wired to the breaker, you will need to install an outlet. The controller runs off of DC voltage and needs the included power supply (“power brick”) to convert from AC to DC. If you’re not comfortable doing electrical work, hire an electrician.

I purchased the Linear controller from Amazon for $85 in June of 2016. It’s currently retailing for $84 for Prime members. To see a list of garage door openers that are not compatible with this Z-wave controller, look at this page .


  • Reliability
  • Ease-of-use
  • Price
  • Documentation


The Linear GoControl GD00Z-4 controller can turn just about any garage door opener into a smart device. One perk is the use of geofencing- just drive up to your home and have your garage door open. The tilt sensor gives you an indication of whether your garage door is opened or closed, so you can receive alerts if it's opened when you're away. Never forget to close your garage door again- automatically set your garage door to close at a certain time, or set a reminder to close it if it's open. At $85, it's an unnecessary but useful and affordable convenience.

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Installation is fairly straight-forward. The basic sequence is connect the controller to your hub (SmartThings in the example below), mount the garage door controller, and connect two wires to your existing garage door opener’s pushbutton circuit. You can view the manufacturer’s instructions here .

Adding to SmartThings


Do NOT mount your controller yet. Plug it into a wall outlet and connect it to SmartThings first. This may save you some time from having to unmount it if you run into range issues trying to pair it. You’ll also need easy access to the Link button on the side of the controller.

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Tap Add Device Manually

Scroll down to Garage Doors and tap it.

Tap on Linear GoControl Garage Door Opener.

Tap Connect Now. SmartThings will begin searching for your device.

You’ll need to press the Link button on the controller for SmartThings to find your controller.

Mounting and Wiring


The Linear GoControl ships with a mounting bracket, but I didn’t use it (I used the included drywall anchors and screws instead). If you have an outlet nearby, this part goes fairly quickly. There are only two wires that you’ll need to connect to your garage door opener.

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Open up your garage door opener to access the wiring.

You may need to reference your owner’s manual to find the correct terminals. You need to wire into your wall-mounted pushbutton. For a Genie 1024 model, the correct terminals are shown. As long as you have the right terminals, it doesn’t matter which wire goes where.

Next you’ll install the tilt sensor on your garage door with the arrow facing up. You can screw it into the door using the included mounting plate, or use Command Strips to attach it.

Finally, all that’s left to do is run the included AC adapter to the nearest outlet, then test it from the SmartThings app to make sure it works.

SmartThings Routines


Although home automation isn’t exactly a necessity, once you get used to simple things happening without having to do them, it does make you wonder how you ever lived without it in the first place. SmartThings is pretty good at making these things happen.

Adding Linear GoControl to the “I’m Back” Routine

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Tap Open or close garage doors.

Tap Garage doors.

Select your garage door then tap Done.

Tap on Action.

Tap Open.

Tap Done to return to the previous screen.

Tap Automatically perform “I’m Back!” when….

If you want your garage door to open when each SmartThings user arrives, tap Someone arrives.

Choose your users, then tap Done.

Tap Done.

Tap Done to save your changes. Your garage door will now open when each user’s phone crosses the geofence distance you set in SmartThings.

Adding Linear GoControl to the “Goodnight” Routine

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Tap on Open or close garage doors.

Tap Garage doors.

Choose your garage door opener, then tap Done.

Next tap Action.

Tap Close.

Tap Done to return to the previous screen.

Tap Automatically perform “Good Night!” at….

You can use any trigger you want. Here I will use At a Certain Time.

Set a time for the Good Night! routine to occur, then tap Done.

Tap Done.

Tap Done to save your changes for the routine. Your garage door will automatically close at 10 P.M. if it’s left open.



The Linear GoControl garage door controller is a great device that’s easy to install and operate. It gives you the capability to remotely operate your garage door from your smartphone, and can use your phone’s GPS to automatically open and/or close your garage door. With the tilt sensor, you can also see the current state of your garage door, so you can set reminders to shut it at a certain time, or have SmartThings automatically do it for you. It’s been solid in the year that I’ve owned it. Just know that it’s only as good as the SmartThings hub as far as geofencing goes. I’ve had a couple of issues where Ihad to re-add my phone as a presence sensor in the SmartThings app.

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