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So here’s the scenario- Game of Thrones  is coming on so I crank my Denon receiver up loud enough for my neighbors on a late-night stroll to hear it from the sidewalk on the other side of the street (why aren’t they watching Game of Thrones  too??!). This is partially to immerse myself in a theatrical experience full of dragons, sword fighting, and corruption, and partially because I’ve worked around loud industrial systems my whole life. Plus, I love the bass rattling the walls while the surround sound makes me feel like I’m right in the middle of all the action! I usually keep the volume up when I’m watching my favorite sports teams too.

The only problem with this is, sometimes my wife or I forget to turn the volume down before we go to bed. Our 6 year old is finally getting to the age where he doesn’t need to wake us up first thing in the morning. It’s a little unnerving when we wake up anyway to the sounds of Disney Jr. at Game of Thrones-type volumes, very much disturbing us from those last few winks we would have gotten from sleeping in for another hour or two.

The Solution


As you can see from the photo below, this was the first attempt at solving the problem. This was a terrible solution, as switching back and forth between the cable box and the Samsung Smart Hub became an exhaustive test of patience while the TV turned the volume down.

As you can see, not a good solution. Denon only adjusts the volume 0.5dB per press of the volume button, and each signal takes about 0.5 second to produce. This makes for a significant delay.

I knew that a better answer lay in harnessing the feature-set of the Denon receiver with the power of the Harmony remote . This procedure is specific to the Denon AVR-1912, but it will work for any receiver with similar functionality. Denon provides Quick Select options for their receivers and remotes, which quickly allow you to set an input at a specified volume. Perfect for this situation, and much better than my original solution!

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Now point the Denon remote at the receiver and hold down whichever Quick Select button you want to use until the Denon shows this message “Quick# Memory” (takes about 2 seconds). The receiver’s current input and volume are now stored in that Quick Select slot.

Once you’ve preset the receiver, go to the Logitech MyHarmony desktop application. Select Activities in the sidebar, then choose what activity you want to modify. Click Customize this Activity.

Expand Activity shutdown commands.

Click on + Add Step.

The new field should appear at the top of the default shutdown commands.

Choose your receiver and whichever Quick Select option you decided to use.

If you have other existing activities for Smart TV or watching movies don’t forget to modify those too!



I’m ashamed to say that I’ve owned the Logitech Harmony for 3+ years and the Denon receiver for over 5 years before coming up with such a concise, simple solution for such an annoying issue. And as an added bonus, we get a little extra shuteye in the mornings!

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