Samsung Smart TV- How to Fix “Deleting Expired Apps” Problem




A few weeks ago my wife and I were getting ready to enjoy a movie on the HBO Go app on our Samsung Smart TV (UN60HU8550). The only problem was, the app wouldn’t load. After exiting the app and going back to the Smart Hub main menu, we encountered a message that read “Please wait while 2 expired apps are deleted.” I let the TV do it’s thing. 10 minutes passed. Then 30 minutes. After an hour, the progress bar on the screen never moved. The apps never did get deleted. In fact, nothing happened.

The Solution


You can save yourself the headache that a lot of people have experienced with the Samsung Smart Hub by not trying to find a fix to the problem. The fix is to reset the Smart Hub, unfortunately. You’ll spend hours trying to research for an answer and probably come up empty. If anyone has a better solution I’d love to hear it. Resetting the Smart Hub takes about 5 minutes and another few minutes to set up the TV again. You will, however, have to log back into all of your apps though.

Open your TV’s menu. Go to Smart Hub → Smart Hub Reset.

The default PIN is ‘0000’. Follow the on-screen prompts to reset and set up your TV.

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